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I download several ebooks a day (free ones – I think I’ve paid for less than 20 books total) There are some authors, though, that I buy the hard copy books from.

Some of my favorite authors are:

Glenn Beck     Love him or hate him, he is usually right on the money with the things he comes up with. He admits that his timing is awful, and I can only think of one thing that he missed, and that was the election results in 2012.

James Wesley Rawles       Owner of the website, most of his books are faction. They are a fictional story but there is a ton of information given with the story. Many times the information is well worth the cost of the book.

William Johnstone          He died in 2004, and his niece is still finishing stories that he began before his passing. I believe that I read somewhere that he was the most prolific writer in American history. He has hundreds of book out there. Most of them are westerns, but I REALLY like his “Ashes”series of about 40 books. He also has other series that pertain to modern events that I buy.

Jefferson Bass         This is a combination of Dr Bill Bass from the original University of Tennessee Body Farm and one of his colleagues, Jon Jefferson. Very well done stories, and the forensics used in the books interest me as a SAR person, and especially as a K9 SAR handler.

Recently found 2 new authors.

One is A. American         Survivalist type book. Several in the series. Bought the first, looking for the others. UPDATE: Now have all but the sixth one. Very good books, again making you stop and think, much like the Rawles books.

The second one is John W Whitehead.       The book I’m reading of his now, “Battlefield America” is about the arming of police and the taking of our rights.

I also like Dana Loesch’s book, “Hands Off My Guns”. Well researched book on the second amendment.

I also like a lot of the self-help authors and have many of their real books. I’m a fan of Robert Schuller, Napolean Hill, Denis Waitley, Og Mandino, Jim Rohn and others. Zig Ziglar made a large impact on my life back in the days of network marketing. I had a copy of “See You At the Top” that I re-read every year with a different color hi-liter. Amazing what you miss from year to year.  It’s unfortunate that several of those authors have passed on, and there don’t seem to be any authors that have impressed me like those listed.

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